About Safdoc Systems

Dr. Kenneth Weinberg is the principal consultant at Safdoc Systems, LLC. The founder Dr. Kenneth Weinberg holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Pathology from Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Division of Medical and Dental Sciences as well as a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Health and Radiation Health Physics from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.

Dr. Weinberg was the director of Health and Safety at MGH for more than twelve years. He has written several books about safety and indoor air quality and related subjects.

Dr. Weinberg conducted research on pulmonary disease and developed models for the evolution of pulmonary disease and lung cancer due to exposure to environmental pollutants and hazardous materials such as mold. He has extensive experience in regulatory matters including OSHA and EPA. He has also written safety, policy, and procedure manuals for various entities.

Dr. Weinberg moved from a career in research to environmental science and health and safety. He worked as an industrial hygienist in VA Hospitals prior to serving as the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston for more than twelve years.

Dr. Weinberg has also been involved as an expert witness in DUI cases related to Diabetes, and toxicology cases. He was named Health Care Specialty Practice, Safety Professional of the Year, 2000-2001, by the American Society of Safety Engineers.